Enjoy the Best Adventure Sports in Pushkar

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May 16, 2019
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Enjoy the Best Adventure Sports in Pushkar

Enjoy the Best Adventure Sports in Pushkar

Camp at Pushkar offers a wide range of comfortable tents and chalets, Rajasthani food, electricity, water supply and more. Apart from this, by adjusting yourself in Pushkar camps, you are known in the incredible folk dance of Rajasthan as Kalabelia, known as snake charmers. The joy of vibrant folk music cannot be described by words during the evening between the quiet desert.

Pushkar is the ideal place for you if you connect colors, camels, and sand together to meet a wonderful city of personality. On the banks of the Thar Desert, this town is located on Pushkar Lake, which is a revered place for many Hindu followers, and if you go to this place, then you will see the pilgrims bathing in the water before the prayers. Jaipur Tour Package

There are the following adventure sports in Pushkar.


  1. Desert Safari

Pushkar may have many entertainment options, but when you are here, you should enjoy camel safari. Around the area, tour operators organize a desert safari in nearby tunes, after which there is an evening for folk music, dance, and other entertainment options.

  1. Horse Riding in Pushkar

Horse Safari in Pushkar is very famous among tourists. You ride the royal Marwari horses, this horse race is quite different from other horses. In Pushkar Horse Safari Tour, Safari starts with Nawalgarh and ends in Pushkar. The journey begins with the beautiful rural areas around Nawalgarh.

Horse Safari, Horse Safari, Horse Riding, and Pushkar Fair are among the most famous among sports travelers. Pushkar is a small place located 11 km away from Ajmer. Riding Thar is unforgettable by means of insufficient sand tunes in the desert.  Udaipur Tour Package 


  1. Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon in Pushkar is one of the newest things in Pushkar. From the sky, you will find beautiful settings along with the side of Lake Pushkar and surrounding areas. As one of the holiest cities of Rajasthan, Pushkar presents a glimpse of the traditions and traditions of Hinduism. Ritual baths and annual camel fairs are some of the attractions here. When you look from above you will actually understand the expansion of the landscape and the pulse of the city.

  1. Adventure Camp in Pushkar

Make your holidays special with this memorable tent in Pushkar. With the wonderful Aravalli hills of Rajasthan and some great service scenes, you will have the best time. Go to this amazing city’s rural area which is known for its huge natural gifts. While resting in this nature’s residence, enjoy the peace of the entire place.


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