Hill Forts of Rajasthan

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Hill Forts of Rajasthan

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The six fortresses of Rajasthan arranged on the rough territories of the glorious Aravali Mountains bears declaration to the royal conditions of the Rajputs going back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The Hill Forts of Rajasthan which are total six in number got the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2013, the six forts include Jaisalmer, Chittaurgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Amber, Gagron and Ranthambore in the districts of Chittaurgarh, Rajsamand, Sawai Madhopur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Jhalawar respectively. These fortifications have been built in 18th and 19th centuries and contain enormous water gathering structures or pools that are as yet utilized today. The stunning construction and artwork of Rajputs give the tourist an insight into the lives of Rajputana rulers.
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1.Chittor Fort

The Chittor Fort or Chittorgarh is one of the biggest fortifications in India. The fortress remains on a slope 180 m (590.6 ft) high. It is arranged on the left bank of the Berach stream (a tributary of the Banas River) and is connected to the new town of Chittorgarh. The fortification that once bragged 84 water bodies has just 22 of them now. These water bodies are sustained by common catchment and precipitation and have a joined stockpiling of 4 billion liters that could meet the water needs of an army of 50,000.

2.Kumbhalgarh Fort

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Kumbhalgarh fortification is a Mewar stronghold on the westerly scope of Aravalli Hills, in the Rajsamand close to Udaipur, Rajasthan. Built on a hilltop 1,100 m (3,600 ft) above ocean level on the Aravalli go, the post of Kumbhalgarh has walls that expand 36 km (22 mi), making it one of the longest walls in the world. Here are more than 360 sanctuaries inside the fortress, 300 antiquated Jain and the rest Hindu. From the castle top, it is conceivable to see kilometers into the Aravalli Range. The sand dunes of the Thar Desert can be easily seen from the Fort walls.

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3.Ranthambore Fort

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Ranthambore Fort exists in town Sawai Madhopur, it was previously like chasing grounds of the Maharajahs of Jaipur until the season of India’s Independence. In 2013, at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee, Ranthambore Fort has been announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the gathering Hill Forts of Rajasthan.

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4.Gagron Fort

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Gagron Fort is arranged in Jhalawar locale of Rajasthan. It is a case of a slope and water post.

5.Amber Fort

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Amber Fort is a fortress situated in Amer, Rajasthan. Amer is a town with a region of 4 square kilometers,11 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Fort is made up of red sandstone and marble, it comprises of the Diwan-I-Aam, or “Corridor of Public Audience”, the Diwan-I-Khas, or “Lobby of Private Audience”, the Sheesh Mahal (reflect royal residence), or Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas where a cool atmosphere is falsely made by winds that blow over a watercourse inside the castle. This castle, alongside Jaigarh Fort, is found instantly above on the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the equivalent Aravalli scope of slopes.

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6.Jaisalmer Fort

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Jaisalmer Fort is situated in the city of Jaisalmer, in the Indian territory of Rajasthan. It is accepted to be one of the “living fortresses” on the planet, as about one-fourth of the old city’s population, still lives inside the fort. Consequently, it is otherwise also called the Golden Fort.

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