TRAVEL Best Party Destinations In Rajasthan , You Must Try Once by Rajasthan tour Packages

Rajasthan tour packages
Beautiful Color Themed Cities of Rajasthan
December 19, 2018
A Amazing trip of colorful culture With Rajasthan Tour Packages
December 25, 2018

TRAVEL Best Party Destinations In Rajasthan , You Must Try Once by Rajasthan tour Packages

Rajasthan tour Packages

Best Party Destination in Rajasthan

We have written a lot about beautiful places in Rajasthan, traveling according to the Jaipur and many other. But what if you just want to escape from your boring busy life and just party hard? There is nothing much have been written about Rajashtan that yet and If you like to party hard and wild than this article is best for you. Just Be Witty have brought you a few best party destinations in Rajasthan where you can travel to satisfy your need for wickedness and party. If you are looking to tour packages for Rajasthan then book Rajasthan tour Packages and enjoy of your Holidays in Rajasthan.

vacation Party in Rajasthan

Here some Best party destinations in Rajasthan which you can’t miss if you are a party animal.

 Mount Abu: The official party capital of India

Do anybody had doubt that Mount Abu will not be the first one on the list of best party destinations in India? If you had, maybe you haven’t had any friends while you were growing because trust me it’s the dream of every teenage to visit Mount Abu with his squad once. It has long been known as the official party destination of India. Mountain, nature, crowd nightlife, booze, and a whole lot of crazy fun with your squad, thus, putting it on top of the list of best party destinations in India. So, if you and your BFF’s just want to party hard and want to forget all your worries then leave your city behind and come to Mount abou through Mount Abu Tour Packages.

When to plan: The best time to visit Mount Abu is from November to February dance the night away in Jaipur

Jaipur : Best party destinations in India

Jaipur is known to be the second most populated city in the world and city is active 24*7 so it is no surprise that Jaipur is full of party animals. From high spirited Bollywood songs to EDM trance, and from deep emotional music to live band performance, Jaipur is the best place to enjoy your night.

Ideal For: People who love to dance with or without booze and like to burn the dance floor not literally though.

When to plan: You can visit Jaipur any time of the year, though people prefer to visit in monsoon season more.

Jaisalmer: Best party destinations in India

Jaisalmer is a best place in India, a place with beautiful views, a place to get high in nature( You know what I mean) and to enjoy parties which goes throughout the season. You can even go on a Vacation  trip here if you are a party Deset as the usual crowd here is very friendly and fun loving. Jaisalmer is best place to see desert where you can enjoy of Desert camps Jaisalmer, Camel Safari and it’s a best place to celebrate a honeymoon.

Jodhpur Village Safari Tours

Jodhpur is also a party destination?yeh in the jodhpur is a best place to spend vacation  because jodhpur  stands the opulent, colonnaded City Palace complex. With gardens, courtyards and museums, part of it is still a royal residence.. Don’t worry about refreshments, the awesome weather takes this initiative for you. Jodhpur is very famous for Jeep Safari tour. If you want to enjoy this tour then book Rajasthan Village safari tour packages

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