Pushkar Itinerary For 2 Days Tour

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July 10, 2018
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Pushkar Itinerary For 2 Days Tour

Pushkar Itinerary For 2 Days Tour

Pushkar, the holy city as it is known attracts not only the devotees and the pilgrims but also the historians and other travelers. The picturesque sights, colorful streets with small shops, the camel rides, desert camps, adventure sports and many more things and places make it the new holiday destination. The Pushkar itinerary for 2 days will be scheduled with many such temple visits and adventure activities.

Our Services in the 2 Day Pushkar Itinerary Trip

 We take care of all our guests during the entire tour. Our cab will drop you at the booked hotel in Pushkar. We also provide you with Rajasthan tourism package. The sightseeing is made comfortable with all arrangements done by our expert team. We assure you a hassle free tour in Pushkar.

Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar Lake with more than 50 bathing ghats is said to cleanse you of your sins. A dip in it is required before offering prayers in the Brahma Temple. But there is more to that. The lake is full of varieties of fish and a visiting place to many migratory birds during certain seasons.

Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple situated beside the Pushkar Lake is one of its kinds. The bird motif used in the place is unique one. The place is packed with architectural features. The pillared outdoor hall, stone slabs combined with molted lead in the inside, the marble steps are all very fascinating to the tourists.

Savitri Temple

The Savitri Temple located on the top of Ratnagiri Hills was built in 1687. It is said to be the place where Goddess Savitri rested for a while. Presently, Goddesses Savitri and Gayatri are being prayed in the temple. The route to the temple gives ample opportunities for trekking and enjoying the natural environment.

Man Mahal

This is the largest Royal residence in the town. The structure had been built beside the Sarovar Lake by Raja man Singh-1 as a retreat palace. The interiors of the palace are a treat to the visitors reflecting the Rajasthani elements combined with Mughal architecture.

Merta City

This is the birth place of Meera Bai, the saint turned princess who had undying faith on Lord Krishna. The place is visited by devotees of Lord Krishna as well. The city is now the trading point in Pushkar. But there are many more structures that are quite appealing to the visitors.

Pushkar Bazaar

The Pushkar Tour will be incomplete without the visit to the Pushkar Bazaar. Rose pulp, syrup and gulkhand are sold here at reasonable rates. Handicraft items, embroidered fabrics, brass utensils, glass ware, leather bags made of camel skin, and belts and many more such unique items can be purchased in the bustling Pushkar Bazaar.

Adventure Activities

As Pushkar is situated on the borders of the Thar Desert, it has ample opportunities for the desert activities. Trekking through the rugged terrains of the Great Indian Thar Desert, hiking in the Aravalli ranges, hot air ballooning and desert safaris are taken up by tourists besides camping in the tented accommodation in  the ‘Arabian nights’ style.

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